The Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation cultivates the character development, leadership skills and long-term welfare of athletes and coaches. With interdisciplinary relationships across the University of Texas campus, CSLi unites academic and athletic units in a mission to support and advance the coaches and athletes of our society.

Why Does CSLi Exist?

Sport is a defining part of our culture. It is how many of our young men and women spend their free time. Sport gives structure to the lives of tens of millions of youth and their families, with practices and competitions dictating weekly schedules and wins and losses providing a moral framework for their development.

Sport is also a multi-billion dollar industry that influences the values of the next generation, for good and for ill, and creates heroes of its biggest stars. By enriching the lives and building the character of athletes and coaches, we can have a positive effect on society as a whole. 


We establish high standards of ethical and professional conduct for athletes and coaches.


We search for the most effective educational tools and techniques to guide our quest to craft high quality sports leadership programming.


We craft innovative leadership programs and support the creation of cutting-edge sports technologies.